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Even though warm-up exercises are just as important as your actual workout, not everyone takes the time to do them. (Guilty as charged.) Where there are many different warm-up techniques, leave it to chiropractors to know the best ways to prepare yourself all the hard work ahead.

There are certain types of warm-ups suited for different workouts based on their intensity levels, but chiropractors are pros at knowing the friendly feel-good movements that help safely prepare your body for just about any activity. Here are some of our favorite chiropractor-led exercises to start with.

The best chiropractor-led warm-up exercises on YouTube

1. Full Potential Chiropractic 6-minute warm-up exercise

Whether you’re going on a run or strength-training, this six-minute warm-up will help your body with marching high knees, arm circles, squats, lunges, and planks.

2. Prince Chiropractic warm-up exercises

This chiropractor-approved routine involves holding deep stretches, walking rotational lunges, and single-leg balancing exercises.

3. Universal Chiropractic warm-up exercises

When you do them correctly, crunches make for a great warm-up, and that’s the focus in this sequence.

4. Kalkstein Chiropractic top 3 warm-up exercises

These are the three simple exercises chiropractor Blake Kalkstein, DC, has everyone do before working out to help open up the hips and upper back.

5. Cleveland Clinic’s quick 4

It doesn’t take long to warm up your body before your workout, and these four simple exercises are proof.

6. Ohio State Wexner Medical Center pre-workout movements

Ohio State University’s sports medicine team has 15 pre-workout movements that will help you “increase your motion and efficiency of movement.” Soon, you’ll have them memorized to check off before your workouts.


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